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In 1893, the Rolph & Ball Furniture Company was established in Minneapolis to manufacture upholstered furniture. By 1901, they sold the company to four tradesmen formerly of the nearby McCloud & Smith Furniture Company. 

Flexsteel designs and construction go hand in hand to create comfortable, long-lasting furniture. We’ve proven our commitment to craft through our namesake Blue Steel Spring, which has performed so consistently since its development that its design has not been radically changed in over 75 years.WIth the beliefs and values that evolved through over a century of manufacturing. 

Through the years, our commitment to craftsmanship, accountability, and leadership has helped us grow and thrive. Beauty, quality, and function together.At the core of our upholstered seating is Flexsteel’s very own Blue Steel Spring. This patented component is not hidden behind a fabric dust cover. It is left in plain sight so customers can see the remarkable technology that powers our lifetime guarantee. Technology That Works More than one hundred years since its creation, the Blue Steel Spring continues to differentiate Flexsteel products. The strength and resilience of the Blue Steel Spring creates a “just right” balance of softness and support as well as enduring construction.

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Flexsteel Digby Loveseat at Mums Place Furniture Monterey CA
Flexsteel Bryant Accent Chair
Flexsteel Power Recliner Loveseat with Power Headrest for Pebble Beach Home

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