American Leather at Mums Place Furniture Store Carmel CA

Mum’s Place has been carrying American Leather products since its inception in 1990, so we have so many reasons to love this manufacturer!

American Leather sleeper sofas at Mums Place Furniture Store Carmel CA


American Leather was founded in 1990 by a couple engineers who believed that no one should wait more than 30 days for custom furniture (anyone that’s ordered custom furniture before would know that at least 60 days is expected!). Though it seems like it would be a huge challenge to figure all this out, American Leather opened its factory doors in Dallas, Texas and delivered on its promise! From concept to completion to delivery, in just 30 days!

Not much has changed in the last 29 years, except American leather has grown from a small team to 600 employees in a 350,000 square foot factory!

Sustainable Furniture

American Leather is a founding member of the Sustainable Furniture Council which is a non-profit organization that promotes and encourages sustainable practices in the furniture industry, something we take very seriously at Mum’s Place. American Leather’s wood is sourced from sustainable forests and manufactured by creating as little scrap as possible. What is left over is reused or recycled.

All leather is environmentally friendly and uses water-based pigments. Similarly to the wood manufacturing, American Leather reduces the amount of leather scraps, and anything leftover is reused in the production of smaller leather goods by other manufacturers.

And what’s super important is their environmentally friendly cushion foam which is a soy-based BiOH® Polyols Renew™ that is completely recyclable! And lastly, all American Leather foam, leather, fabric and Ultrasuede® have been completely free from fire retardants since 2014. You might want to read more about Sheesham Wood if you’re looking for sustainable furniture.

Product Line

Now to the part that you’re really interested in… the products! American Leather offers tons of styles of sofas, sofa sleepers, and reclining furniture, making it easy to find the piece that is right for you!

Comfortable Sleeper Sofas

American Leather Sleeper Sofas are famous for their comfort and usability, completely blowing the competition out of the water. The mattresses are true to size, meaning they are the full 80” long like a regular mattress, while most sleepers are 5-10” shorter. You also have three different options for mattresses which include the Premier Mattress (which is a little firm), the Gel Mattress (which is supportive but plush), and Tempur-Pedic for those loyal Tempur-Pedic users.

The mattresses are suspended on a platform base which provides even support across the whole bed, unlike most sleepers which have springs and bars that will poke you all night long. The Sleeper Sofa is very easy to use as well because it is spring-loaded, allowing you to pull-out the bed and put it away with ease.

You can also get the sleeper made as a sectional so you don’t have to worry about cramming another sofa into your living room. Available in a bunch of styles, fabrics and leathers, you can design the perfect sleeper sofa for your home!

Customize Your Sofas

American Leather sofas come in a couple sizes (think loveseat or sofa) and can also be turned into a totally custom sectional! You just need to pick your number of seats, wedge or corner piece, and finish it off with a chaise or a regular seat. You can pick the fabric or leather, and even the leg finish in some cases. And whether you choose a loveseat or a seven piece sectional, you’ll get it in 30 days!

Modern Recliners at Mums Place Furniture Store Carmel CA

Modern Recliners

American Leather has mastered the modern recliner. The sleek design doesn’t take away from comfort, and some of them, like the Aston, look more like accent chairs! American Leather offers push or power options and, like the sofas, you can pick the fabric or leather and the leg finish.

In the next few weeks, Mum’s Place is going to be introducing the Comfort Air line. The models are named after the different types of clouds (which means they have to be incredibly comfortable), so stay tuned for more info on those!

In-House Delivery Service

We encourage you to contact us or visit Mum’s Place furniture store to learn more about our American Leather selections! Our professional in-house delivery service serves the Monterey Peninsula and beyond. Arrangements can be made for deliveries outside our normal routes including the Bay Area, Central Valley, and parts of Southern California. For furniture design ideas and inspiration, check out our latest arrivals gallery.