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If you have ever tried to sell your home, you have probably had a conversation with your realtor about about hiring a professional stager. You probably shrugged it off because you felt like the house would speak for itself (and you probably didn’t want to spend the money). But don’t give up on it just yet… Professional Staging can actually increase your profits.

What Exactly is Staging?

By accentuating your home’s features, professional staging can help your property stand out among the rest. With an Interior Design License, a professional stager will know the intricacies of design, using your existing furniture as well as rented pieces. They can also help de-clutter and organize, removing unnecessary items that will help your home feel bigger, with more potential.

How does Staging Help?

Let’s let the stats do some talking… Research shows that a well-staged home can increase the buyer’s offer by up to 10%. That’s huge! When a buyer is in a well-designed home with high-end furniture and a great layout, they’ll feel that the home is worth a higher-end price, and will happily shell out a few extra bucks to make it their own.

Staging can also decrease the amount of time your home will be on the market by 30 days on average. By removing some personal photographs and knick-knacks, and rearranging the rooms, the stager creates a space that everyone will be able to envision themselves in, while giving those future buyers the ability to see the potential in the home as well. And they’ll jump right on it!

Mum’s Place has a partnership with some staging services like Monterey Bay Staging. The lead designer at Monterey Bay Staging, Talin Tersakyan, is offers lower monthly staging fees because she is able to rent furniture from Mum’s Place at a very low price. As a licensed Interior Designer, she has found a lot of success in staging and has sold many homes in just a few months, her best being 10 days!

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