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Sheesham, also known by the names Dalbergia Sisso and Indian Rosewood, has been popping up all over the furniture world over the last couple of years. It’s no surprise to find out that this India-Native wood is popular due to its durability and unique beauty! The color ranges from golden brown to deep reddish brown with dark streaks of the grain, shining beautifully with a light polish. With its superior veneer, Sheesham has been used for wood paneling, doors, and cabinetry for centuries!

Traditionally, Sheesham was mainly used in its native India for carving, because it holds up incredibly well over time due to the wood’s hard, dense, and strong nature. Because Sheesham has been naturalised in Africa, Australia, and the US, it is now much more accessible to the rest of the world.

Sheesham Durability

Woodworkers love using it in cabinetry because it won’t warp or split, and it is less prone to fungus and dry-wood termites than most woods. Other than its durability, Sheesham is becoming popular in desks, cabinets, and bookcases because it can turn a very simple design into a unique work of art.

Sustainable and Beautiful

But why is becoming so prevalent? Obviously because of its durability and beauty, but also because of its sustainability! With climate change posing some serious threats to the environment, Sheesham is incredibly tolerant to extreme weather, surviving through below freezing temperatures as well as temperatures of 122 degrees. It thrives in 80 inches of rain, light frosts, and gets by in 4 months of drought. It can grow in just about any kind of soil, sand, and gravel so as long as you have land to grow it on, it will grow.

The coolest part is that it doesn’t need pesticides or other harsh chemicals to protect against bacteria because it’s so resistant to termites and mold. With environmental concerns becoming a topic on everyone’s mind, you can sleep easy knowing your furniture is made out of one of the most sustainable materials out there.  

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Great Choice When Designing Your Space

You might be thinking, how would you design a space with Sheesham wood? We would recommend using it as an accent piece. Because it has such a distinct grain and comes in beautiful contrasting colors and shades, it can overwhelm a room if you use too much. And what’s great about Sheesham furniture is that it can be paired with causal, transitional, contemporary, and traditional furniture. So when you’re trying to decide if it’s right for you, just know that it can go with just about anything!

Affordable Type of Wood

The last thing to mention is the affordability of Sheesham furniture. Unless you’re purchases a hand-carved piece or something particularly ornate, Sheesham is going to be more affordable than a lot of other hardwood furniture options. Because it can grow in so many hostile growing environments, it is pretty easy to grow, making it more affordable than other hardwoods like Teak.

We have a bunch of Sheesham furniture in our Pacific Grove showroom, mostly from the manufacturer, Coast to Coast, which has a large array of beautiful pieces!

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