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There was a lot to be learned from our trip to Las Vegas Market last weekend. We studied all of the beautiful furniture from so many manufacturers, learned a little about some new and revolutionary manufacturing processes, we were excited by some of the eco-friendly furniture manufacturers that presented their pieces, and we took note of a few furniture outliers that may or may not become more popular in the future. 

When we got home to our Monterey Showroom, we decided to brainstorm to try to predict the upcoming furniture trends for next year, and we’re going to let you in on our research so you can be ahead of the game.

Gold Accents Interior Design at Mums Place Furniture Store Carmel CA

Gold Accents

Don’t worry ladies, gold is back! Out with the short-lasting rose-gold craze, and in with the real, rich gold accents! While we may have experienced an exciting rose-gold phase (I think it became popular because of the rose-gold i-phone) this pink-hued metal has lost its allure. Once giving off a dainty and delicate vibe, and often contrasted with marble topped pieces, rose gold is almost out. Now, with with fashion trending towards over-the-top, gaudy accessories, the yellow-toned metal is making a comeback.

You can find gold accents on consoles, hutches, and chests of drawers in the hardware, giving the pieces a few bright accessories that don’t overpower the piece. It makes a little more of a statement when it’s used on the supporting legs of a chair or structure of an occasional table, creating more of a focal point in your room. If you want to go really bold, a large arching floor lamp with a large spherical pendant that is totally and completely gold, will anchor itself in your room, allowing you to arrange your living room or dining room around the beautiful lighting. 

One of our favorite gold-accented pieces is the Garrity Accent Table by Uttermost. The contrasting bright gold and dark, barely transparent, glass makes a beautiful but brooding statement. This moody piece can be paired with a dark leather, track arm couch or an elegant tufted velvet sofa. 

Velvet Interior Design at Mums Place Furniture Store Carmel CA

Velvet Isn’t Going Away Any Time Soon

One of my all-time favorite trends that I think will last a while (or at least I’ll never stop loving it) is velvet upholstery. I love this trend because a beautiful velvet fabric can make any piece look elegant!

Last year, we saw a lot of jewel-toned velvet (think rich blues, emerald green and royal purples). While the jewel tones might be on a downward trend, subtle pastel and other unsaturated hues are finding their way into the velvet world. These particular colors create an understated but elegant approach to interior design. The lighter hues are more relaxed compared to the decadent jewel-toned numbers, and they pair with this new gold-trend beautifully. Combining a luxurious rich gold with gray or blush colored velvet compares and contrasts so it never gets boring!

You can cover both a modern chair and a tufted sofa in velvet fabric, all depending on the level of luxury you are trying to convey. Do you want to take a more modern approach, or go more traditional like the Berkeley Sofa by Universal? Whichever direction your style will go, we have a sofa that will be perfect for you!

Neutral Interior Design at Mums Place Furniture Store Carmel CA

When in Doubt, go Neutral or Natural

Stark white may be on some walls, but certainly not on furniture. Coastal Design and Rustic French Country will be going strong next year, encouraged both by eco-friendly furniture manufacturing processes and by the desire to create a comfortable and casual home. Neutral beige, off-whites, and taupe-y grays are great for upholstered furniture, and gray-washed, natural, or distressed finishes make your home feel warm and inviting. You can dress your space up with a little bit of detail that comes with French Country interior design elements like carved pedestal tables or detailed console tables, or you can take a more minimal approach with the easy breezy Coastal design. 

This Maguire Two Door Cabinet by Uttermost is a great piece that works with both coastal style and French Country depending on what furniture you surround it with and how you accessorize it, making it a very versatile piece. This cabinet is elegant with its curved feet and layers of molding on the doors, and if you look closely, you can see a subtle triangular design on the face of the doors made by altering the orientation of the grain in the wood. With an aggressively distressed finish, this piece looks both like a beloved antique and a beautiful rustic cabinet. The rich mahogany wood adds to its elegance because its golden-red undertones are beautiful but not overpowering. This element allows you to pair it with detailed French Country furniture and accessories. But the oatmeal finish makes it warm and inviting, encouraging you to also surround it with crisp linen-colored upholstery and reclaimed wood occasional tables.

wallpaper Interior Design at Mums Place Furniture Store Carmel CA

Wallpaper is Making a Comeback!

When you think of wallpaper, what is the first thing that comes to mind? You probably think of some tacky truck prints in your bedroom growing up, or something that is unfortunately currently in your grandparent’s home and hasn’t been updated since the 70’s. While it may bring back some scary memories, there are so many different wallpaper designs that will help introduce a totally different look and feel to your home! And with DIY home renovations and redecorating becoming more popular, wallpaper provides an easy way to totally revamp your space. A lot of this wallpaper is based in floral design ranging from detailed floral arrangements to intricate paisley patterns to large monstera plant prints, while others take a more modern approach with interesting geometric patterns and designs. Relatively easy to put up and take down on your own, wallpaper is a simple and budget-friendly way to transform your space and define an amazing color palette for your home!

Think we’re on the right track with these interior design trends? Let us know what you think! Or, if you are interested in speaking with us about transforming your home, our experienced designers will help you transform your house into the home of your dreams! 

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