Even for a professional Interior Designer, redecorating a house or even a room can be a daunting task. While Mum’s Place offers professional interior design services with the best furniture in Carmel, Salinas, and all of Monterey County. To help you take this on, we know that some people like the challenge. For those who choose to face this scary task, we put together the ultimate guide to interior design.

What is your favorite furniture?

There are several levels to interior design. It’s possible that all you need is a small space (blog: interior design tips for small spaces) storage solution, a problem that can be easily and quickly resolved once you figure out the right style and dimensions. It could also be a mid-level redecoration of your living room; in which case a few paint colors and fabric swatches will tie everything together. You could also be looking at a total overhaul of your home, switching styles, materials, entire rooms of furniture. Whatever it is you are looking for, it is important to determine what it is that you need. It’s easy to get carried away with unique pieces and bold trends, and you don’t want to end up in a space that’s dated, or worse, a space that isn’t you. 

Steps to find the perfect coastal living furniture in Carmel

  • Find your favorite furniture in Carmel, CA

    Figure out what your style, budget, and sensitivity is to changing trends.

  • Start with a mood board of your favorite furniture

    Fill it with photos of interiors, color swatches, and motifs that inspire you.

  • Make a list of your favorite furniture

    Use it to compare your options both stylistically and financially.

  • Narrow down to your top picks

    and Dive in!

Where do you want it?

If this is a whole house renovation, or even just a room, you need to take into consideration the needs of each room you may or may not be altering. It comes as no surprise that each room will function differently, and will require both a different approach to the design and a different level of consideration. Kitchens will require appliances and cabinetry, therefore a lot of measuring and planning, while bedrooms and living rooms could benefit from a little bit of spontaneous design epitomes. 

Finding the perfect furniture for Carmel, California

You might already know exactly what you like because you have previously established a personal style in your home and you’re hoping to build on it. Or, you could really be a beginner who really doesn’t know what they want and where to go with color, shapes, patterns, and overall interior concepts. For those who need a little extra help to figure out what their style is, Mum’s Place is here to help.

The Best Traditional Interior Design in Monterey County

Traditional interior design is one of the most universal styles out there. It is timeless, so it has graced the covers of magazines for years, but that does not mean there is only one way to utilize traditional design in your home. Typical elements of traditional furniture and interior design lies in the forms of ornamentation like detailed woodwork engraving, graceful forms and elegant fabrics. 

Charlotte Sofa by Taylor King Carmel Furniture Store Mums Furniture

Charlotte Sofa by Taylor King

Taylor King and Lexington Furniture are two of our favorite brands for traditional design. The Charlotte Sofa by Taylor King is a great example of traditional design that can be easily incorporated into any layout because of its simple elegance and modest but decors nailhead trim and carved legs.

Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary design is all about making bold statements with simplicity. Simple lines, forms, colors, and textures all bring about an air of sophistication. Contemporary furniture tends to be very structural in its modesty, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. A lot of the interest, and ultimately visual comfort, comes from contrasting textures and materials.

Morgan Lounge Chair by Palecek Coastal Living Furniture

Morgan Lounge Chair by Palecek

The Morgan Lounge Chair by Palecek is a great example of warm contemporary furniture. The juxtaposition of the black metal frame, woven rattan seating, and crisp white cushion is bold yet refined, and the warm natural rattan material brings warmth to the furniture. 

Transitional Interior Design in Salinas, CA

Transitional design sits somewhere between traditional and contemporary design. It mixes elements from each style to create something that is pleasantly neutral, but doesn’t take away the ability to create a space that is uniquely yours. We have talked a lot about furniture “lines” – and in this case, the lines are simple and elegant, creating an overall sophisticated but current style. Transitional design is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to commit to a specific style, allowing you to mix, match, and add to your furniture collection easily and seamlessly over the years. With Transitional design, comes a lot of coastal elements. Because Transitional design is so open to interpretation, it is easy to mix the casual vibes of the California coast with these safer forms of furniture.

Flexsteel Bryant sofa at Mums Place Furniture Monterey CA

Bryant Sofa by Flexsteel

All of our brands in our furniture store in Carmel carry transitional lines, but we recommend looking into Flexsteel, Palliser, or Comfort Design as all of them offer lines that vary from traditional to contemporary, and all will fit almost every furniture budget. The Bryant Sofa (also comes in a chair and a sectional) by Flexsteel is one of our customers favorites, because it has a simple sophistication about it.

Mid Century Modern Interior Design

Mid Century Modern Design is one of the most prolific styles of interior design. Streamlined forms and flared curves define the style, while slightly muted but bright colors complete the look. Of course, in 2021, new mid century modern furniture will follow the rules of the forms but with a new contemporary color palette. 

The Oxford Collection

The Oxford Bedroom Collection is a contemporary take on mid century modern furniture. The simple geometry combined with beautifully contrasted dark wood finishes and metallic accents on the casework are expertly balanced. The uncomplicated tufted headboard is an ode to classic mid century modern furniture, but the dark wood finishes brings it to the current times.

Industrial or Urban Designs

Certainly, a current interior design trend now, Industrial design is the epitome of urban city living. Young people and young professionals are flocking to cities, and finding appreciation in restored urban buildings that feature old brick walls, reinforced steel structures, large windows and dark accessories.

East Side Collection

The East Side Collection by Canadel has a fantastic line of dining room furniture that delicately balances wood, metal, and glass to create a strong yet easy to digest industrial design. As you probably already know, all Canadel pieces are easily customizable with finishes, fabrics, forms, and extraneous details.

This list certainly doesn’t cover all styles and there are countless others to explore like coastal furniture, bohemian, french country, wabi sabi, and even more. You can even combine these, mix and match, or sit somewhere in between a few of these styles. Though there are many others to explore, you can be sure that almost any style out there takes some elements from the styles described already. And of course, if you aren’t quite sure how to proceed Mum’s Place furniture store in Carmel and Salinas is always here to help you determine your style and find the perfect pieces for your home. 

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