This month we’re going to go a little differently with our top designer picks for October and focus on one natural material that you can introduce into your home decor that will spruce it up for fall. Teak wood is a great addition to your home because it brings natural and organic lines to your space and it is incredibly durable. 

Teak Wood Furniture is Everywhere

Teak wood has been a valuable commodity for hundreds of years, even dating back to the 7th century. It was originally used to decorate the houses of the rich and powerful as well as shipbuilding by the Dutch. These two contradicting purposes are the reason why so many California furniture stores utilize teak wood in their products – because it has the ability to be carved and shaped in beautiful and ornate sculptural pieces, as well as purposed to create strong and durable skeletons for massive ships bracing powerful oceans. But why is it so great for decoration and for function? Due to its high oil content, this wood is resistant to dry rot making it especially great for shipbuilding and to decorate the facades of mansions. The durability can be contributed to the fact that it can take around 80 years for the Teak tree to fully mature enough to harvest which means the grain of the wood is especially tight. The slow growth of the tree and tightness of the grain results in a wood that will be incredibly solid and strong, lasting years to come in your beautiful home. 

Teak wood is also great for environmentalists, or anyone who wants to buy sustainably, because most Teak wood furniture or accessories are reclaimed. Because it takes so long for this wood to fully mature, the actual production of teak is very slow And despite this gradual growth, the demand for Teak has not slowed, which has encouraged manufacturers to use reclaimed wood sourced from old structures. 

There are many amazing places to get your Teak furniture, and while our Monterey showroom carries many different options, we want to showcase Uttermost and their Revelation collection.

Teak Root Bunching Cube by Uttermost

One of our favorite high-end accessory manufacturers, Uttermost, has a great variety of natural Teak wood occasional tables and fixtures. The Teak Root Bunching Cube is a unique one made with natural Teak wood that is carefully and precisely assembled by a skilled craftsman The result is a sculptural piece with intertwining roots-like forms that can be used as a pedestal for a table lamp or some photographs. 

This end table can also serve as extra seating or a box planter, making it a versatile piece (and perfect for small space living). The wood is sanded down to a smooth finish, providing a comfortable spot to lace-up your sneakers or add an extra seat at the table this holiday season. And because it’s hollow, you can turn it upside-down and use as a planter for your favorite ficus or beautiful draping ivy.

Teak Root Console Table by Revelation

Similar to the bunching table, this Teak Root Console table is crafted with just as much precision but with a little more detail. Sculpted dramatically, the teak roots are formed so that the base narrows in the center and widens at the top. The clear glass top lightens the piece while providing a nice contrast between the rustic textures of the reclaimed teak roots and the smooth transparent finish. 

This console table would look incredible in an entryway, as a TV stand in the living room, or a side table in the dining room by using it as a platform to showcase your coastal decor and place it under a painting of a scenic beach to tie the look together.

Driftwood Buffet Lamp by Uttermost

It might be overkill to place this Driftwood Buffet Lamp on top of the Teak Root Console Table because that’s a lot of teak in just one spot, but fortunately it’s a great accent all by itself! The weathered, twisting, single root is the epitome of rustic decor, and the open-weave burlap shade will complement any farmhouse style home. Placed on a matte black base, this Driftwood Buffet Lamp is spindly but completely sturdy, and like all Uttermost products, it’s incredibly well crafted.

Driftwood Floor Lamp by Uttermost

The matching rugged floor lamp to the Buffet Lamp, the Driftwood Floor Lamp is will brighten up any corner of your rustic home. Because these two pieces are designed with the same standards and materials, you could use both lighting fixtures throughout your home for a perfectly paired and functional element.

We Have More to Offer

Teak wood is not only available from Uttermost. Here at Mum’s Place, we have equally amazing teak wood products from manufacturers like DW Silks, Phillips Collection and more! If you’re looking for other solid wood furniture makers, ask one of our associates for information about Sunny Designs, Stuart David, and Modus

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