3 Furniture Essentials for Fall

It’s time to start preparing for all the amazing new furniture the fall season has to offer. This means we need to get ready for a comfortable and functional interior since we’re going to be indoors for a little while longer. 

When we think about fall styles, we tend to imagine orange, reds, and yellows, pumpkin, cranberry, and fallen leaf motifs, as well as soft materials like flannels and knits. But instead of falling for the classic autumn redecorating cliches and reaching for your “thanksgiving decorations” box, your favorite Furniture Store in Carmel is going to introduce you to a new color palette and mix of materials in our list of Three Essential Interior Design Trends for Fall… because we know this fall isn’t going to be like any we’ve seen before.

One: Color is the new neutral.

Out with the minimalist white walls, modern off-white furniture, and sophisticated grey monochromatic color scheme, and in with large swatches of bold color. It may sound a little scary, neutral beiges, tans, greys and off-whites are safe and easy to dress up or down, but as we retreat back inside for the fall, it might get just a little boring. But bold colors don’t have to be scary if you know how to pick them – and Mum’s Place furniture store in Salinas is here to help with that. 

The color you pick for fall doesn’t have to be orange or red, you can pick a warmer hue of blue, purple, or green to switch it up a bit without straying too far from the Autumn color and light. If you decide you want to go blue, like Pantone’s Color of the Year, Classic Blue, just try to turn down the saturation a bit for your walls or furniture. A warm, dusty, classic blue, can completely change the look and feel of your home without overwhelming the space. 

Although monochrome grey or white is out, try a monochrome color palette instead. Start with your new warm, dusty blue color as a base, then start to mix in some richer blues and lighter hues to bring a little more depth in the space. Consider painting the trim around your walls or windows, a slightly darker blue, add textured pillows to your couch, and mix materials and fabrics (all in blue) to keep the elements from blending together. 

Top Trending Colors of 2021

The top trending color for 2020 was dusty green, and hues range from pistachio to olive green. This color is perfect for fall because it alludes to the changing colors of the season without being the literal representation. It’s now 2021, yet the hues of green and blue have held on tightly. Aqua Green or Teal is a top trending color of 2021 and is currently trending along with other neutral tones. Pantone has also announced many colors for the 2021 year, but only one of them has made it to the top. Illuminating, a bright yellow hue by Pantone has taken the cake for this year’s most influential color.  The bright yellow hue is meant to evoke hope and optimism after the tumultuous year of 2020. The color goes along with Pantone’s second color of 2021, Ultimate Gray, and is said to represent sunshine coming in as clouds disperse with these remarkable neutrals.

Try the Stressless Skyline Recliner in Aqua Green

Stressless Skyline Recliner Furniture Store Pebble Beach California Mums Place Furniture

This recliner by Stressless has a commanding form. This boss’s boss chair looks almost futuristic with the winged headrest, sophisticated tufting, chrome star base and statement Aqua Green Paloma leather… and we recommend this chair to anyone who wants to relax in ultimate comfort without sacrificing style and personality. 

Try the Stressless Metro in Cori Petrol

Metro Paloma Petrol Mums Place Furniture Carmel Pebble Beach

Another stressless chair, this contemporary design is a little more understated than the Skyline Recliner. The dusty Cori Petrol leather is perfect for the style because it’s soft and effortless. So, while it’s simple, it exhibits a quiet sophistication.

Try the Stressless Arion in Light Green

Stressless Arion Mums Place Best Furniture Store Pebble Beach Monterey California

Instead of a reclining chair, the Arion reclining sofa has all the luxury of the Stressless chairs you know and love, but in a larger form so your entire family can enjoy the comfort.

Two: Statement Patterns

It can be hard to keep up with the pattern trend. The concept of using bold patterns in interior design seems to come and go relatively often, but while the trend seems forgiving because of how often it comes back, the style of pattern can date your interior if you’re not careful. Large, super geometric shapes in your upholstery or wall paper are on the out, but one type of pattern that has been popular in the past and seems to continue to reemerge is the grandmother’s pattern. This “grandmother’s pattern” is kind of an umbrella term, and can include kitchy florals or sophisticated paisleys, but is brought into the present with bright and bold colors with the combination of simple but elegant furniture. 

Patterned wallpaper or tiles are fun and playful, but can still bring elegance to your space because it has always been associated with upscale design. We recommend starting your bold pattern journey with wallpaper, because it’s relatively easy to change, or at least it’s easier than changing a large sofa in your living room. The great thing about bold wallpaper is that you can pair it with almost any style furniture. Traditional, transitional, modern, mid-century modern or contemporary patterns can be paired with the same style sofa, chair, and accent furniture, or mix and match for an eclectic look. 

Try the Camille Sofa from Lexington Furniture

Lexington Camille Sofa Table Mums Place Furniture Carmel Pebble Beach

We love pairing the Camille Sofa from Lexington Furniture with a contemporary wallpaper, because it brings a simple elegance to the space. The detailed tufting and nail trim on the track arm are traditional elements, while the height of the track arm (aligning with the height of the back), wide seat cushions, and tight back nod to modern forms. This makes the piece versatile and simple enough to pair with a bold pattern, and bold enough to be an accent piece against a simpler wallpaper. 

Three: Sustainability

Sustainable furniture is not just important for the environment, but it’s actually in trend for this Fall, and we hope it won’t go away any time soon. There are several ways to choose sustainable furniture, and you can start with using eco-friendly materials like natural cushions, wood instead of plastic, and cotton and wool instead of rayon and polyester. But perhaps the more effective, though possibly more difficult approach, is to ensure that your supplier is using eco-friendly practices when it comes to recycling materials, cutting down on energy use, dying leathers and fabrics with non-toxic pigments, and ensuring that byproducts of production is dealt with sustainably.

One of our favorite manufacturers for sustainable furniture is American Leather. American Leather encourages sustainable practices at their factories, among their employees, and in their manufacturing. They use water-based pigments, reduce the amount of wood and leather scraps, and anything leftover is repurposed in other products. 

While American leather offers sustainable products, such as living room furniture and accents, their pieces don’t appear to be the stereotypical sustainable furniture one would expect. In style, and craftsmanship, American Leather sofas and recliners are beautiful and contemporary pieces, and the level of comfort is unparalleled. 

If you’re unfamiliar with American Leather furniture, check out some of the American Leather sleeper sofas available in our Monterey furniture showroom. We have also listed one of our favorite models below:

Bryson Mums Place Furniture Carmel Pebble Beach

Try the Bryson Sleeper Sofa by American Leather

One of our most popular frames, the Bryson Sleeper Sofa by American Leather is contemporary without being cold. Available in both sustainable leathers and fabrics, there is an upholstery option for everyone. 

Mum’s Place is Here for Your Furniture Needs

As the trends for this fall are moving away from stark whites, and leaning towards fun colors, flat walls to patterned wallpaper, plastic materials to natural and sustainable furniture, and from sharp edges to curved shapes, it becomes clear that we’re looking for a more light-hearted, not quite perfect, comfortable new home. This is likely due to the fact that we’re spending way more time in our homes than we ever expected, and we want to create and live in a space that both reflects our personalities, and doesn’t get boring to stare at. It can also be that with each season, and with each bold new furniture trend, we do exactly the opposite of the season before. Whatever the reason is behind the changing trends, Mum’s Place furniture store Salinas is here to help you make your house feel like home. 

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