Sleeper Sofas at Mums Place Furniture Store Carmel CA

Guests may come and go throughout the year, but making sure they are comfortable during their stay is a main priority. Did your guests enjoy their stay at your home? Or did they wake up every morning with a sore neck and back from that pull-out couch in your living room? It might be time to invest in a new sleeper sofa. Fortunately, the technology has improved immensely, providing a better night’s sleep on more attractive frames.

American Leather

American Leather Sleepers are one of our most popular manufacturers for this type of furniture. What makes them so great? First of all, setting them up is super easy. It has a spring loaded mechanism that allows you to open the bed with ease. In addition, it has a platform base, making it sturdy and supportive without bars or springs poking you in the middle of the night. Third, the mattresses are true to size. While most sleepers will have short mattresses that can barely fit an average-sized person, American Leather provides mattresses in sizes twin to king, and they are all 80 inches long, just like a real mattress! It is also offered in three different mattress types including Premier, Gel, and Tempur-pedic, allowing you to customize your comfort. Lastly, The American Leather Sleeper will not only sleep comfortably, it will also sit like an enjoyable sofa, so your family will feel right at home cozying up for a movie too! And as always, you can choose your fabric and leather as well!


Flexsteel will have more mattress size options than Palliser, available in Twin, Full and Queen, but the mattresses are not true to size, potentially saving space in your home. These sleepers come in almost a million styles and (okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration), and a million fabrics (okay, maybe more like a thousand), so they can be customized to fit your style and needs perfectly!

Luonto at Mums Place Furniture Store Carmel CA


Luonto, a Finland-based manufacturer, has great sleeper sofas too. Probably because they are European designed, they will take up very little space in your home. The back of the sofa often folds away to make the sofa only take up the space of the mattress when open. A lot of the sleepers also open sideways, with your head and feet against the arms of the sofa, meaning the mattress won’t extend out into the room that far. They also offer some of the most stylish and contemporary frames that sit lower to the ground and have very sleek lines. If you’re looking for something young and Euro, this is the sleeper for you!


Palliser is similar to American Leather in that the mattress sizes are all true 80 inch mattresses. The unique thing about these sleepers is that the cushions are all attached to the frame, so you don’t have to worry about creating a mess with those cushions and pillows when you set up your bed. In a swift movement, you can go from sofa to sleeper! The base underneath the mattress uses a European coil system, which provides comfort and support, without the annoying springs, allowing for a great night’s sleep!