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When Mum’s Place began selling furniture, we started with pine and oak furniture because we knew the quality of the pieces would stand up over time, and look amazing in everyone’s home. As the years passed, and consumers became interested in getting their furniture quickly and cheaply, furniture manufacturers started to turn towards plywood, composite, particle board and veneers.

What consumers are now beginning to understand is that, while low prices of plywood furniture is very attractive, they had to replace their pieces multiple times, costing them more in the end.

Fortunately for dealers and consumers, more people are turning back to solid wood furniture, and Mum’s Place has so much to offer!

Stuart David ashville bed at Mums Place Furniture Store Carmel CA

Stuart David

Stuart David proudly manufacturers all of their furniture in the U.S. while following strict environmental standards. They can assure every customer that their purchase has had very little impact on the environment because they operate a modern recycling system, utilize eco-friendly stains and finishes, source their solid wood from sustainable forests, and enforce an environmentally conscious shipping process.

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Eco-friendly furniture aside, Stuart David offers custom furniture in a variety of sizes, configurations, styles, woods, finishes and hardware. This allows you to be in total control of the piece that you want. For example, if you want a tv cabinet with glass doors and you see a tv cabinet with wooden doors, you can change it. If it is about 3 inches too long for your space, you can size it down. The customization doesn’t end there… ask us about all the other changes you can make to your pieces.

Solid Wood Options

The solid wood options for Stuart David furniture includes cherry, maple, oak, quarter sawn oak, and rustic alder while the finishes range from classic stains to bold paint. Hardware can be modern or traditional, mission style or contemporary. Stuart David has something for everyone.

Stuart David specializes in bedroom furniture, entertainment systems and dining room furniture, and with their customization abilities you will find the perfect piece for every room in your home. Their pieces won’t only look great in your home, but they will also last a lifetime or more!

Canadel at Mums Place Furniture Store Carmel CA


This Canadian manufacturer specializes in dining room furniture, offering beautifully crafted dining tables, chairs, buffets, hutches, and cabinets. But while they make beautiful furniture, they are also known for building incredibly strong pieces that can last a lifetime or more.

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Canadel exclusively uses solid Canadian Birch, which is one of the best kinds of wood to use for custom furniture for many reasons. Solid Birch can be sanded and finished exceptionally smoothly due to the small pores and tight grain in the wood. It can also take on many different tones and finishes because it has a very uniform, naturally light color. Possibly most importantly, birch is heavier and stronger than most other options, meaning it will hold up over time, looking beautiful for a lifetime. 

Let’s talk a little bit about the construction of these products. Something you can’t get from particle board or plywood is the incredibly strong and durable practice of joinery. Canadel uses dovetail construction for all of the drawers in their hutches and cabinets, and tenon and mortise assembly in their chairs. Because the solid wood joints are nestled inside one another, not just hammered or screwed into place, the pieces are as refined as they are strong.

Eco-Friendly Construction

Similarly to Stuart David, Canadel uses eco-friendly construction practices. They are proud of their sustainable building, and for every tree harvested, they plant two more. They also don’t use any styrofoam packaging, all of their wood scraps are recycled into their plant while finishes and paints are also recycled.

What makes Canadel even more amazing is that they offer customizable furniture as well. It’s not quite to the degree as Stuart David, who will accommodate any request, but it’s pretty darn close. Just choose from nine distinct style collections to start, pick the kind of furniture you need (i.e. chair, table, cabinet…), and design away! For example, if you need a table and really like the overall style of the Champlain Collection, you can pick a circle, rectangle, or square table top, then pick the size of the table top and specify if you want leaves. It doesn’t stop there… choose the shape of the edge of the table, the style of the legs or pedestal base, then finally choose the finish in matte or antiqued. The result is a totally unique piece that you know you will be happy with for generations to come!

Additional Furniture Tips & Ideas

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