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Let’s talk about rugs! Rugs can be a great addition to any room in need of help creating division and defining spaces. Choosing the right rug for your space can help tie the room together and achieve the desired feel of the space. Whether you want to introduce a pop of color, add an element of coziness, or make the room feel more cohesive, a rug might be exactly what your space is missing!

When choosing which rug is best for your space, you should start by asking yourself, what size should the rug be? Consider the size and shape of the room, as well as the arrangement of any furniture in the area. Do you want all of the furniture to fit on the rug? How much clearance do you want around the rug? Is the rug going to be near or under a door? Would you like the rug to have color, pattern, or prominent texture? Will this rug be placed indoors or outdoors? How long would you like the rug to last? How durable or soft would you like the rug to be? How much will the rug be used? How cushioned do you want the rug to feel? What style of rug best fits your homes aesthetic? How much are you willing to spend on the rug? When do you need the rug by? Once you’ve answered these questions for yourself, you can better gauge which type of rug is best for your space and needs! Be sure to keep in mind that different areas of the house might call for different types of rugs based on anticipated usage.

Do you want to purchase a rug that only comes in a smaller size? Consider layering the rug on top of a larger base rug to better fill the desired area! We recommend layering rugs that are too small for your space and would otherwise go unused if not layered. Start with your base layer, we recommend a neutral-colored base or natural fiber rug, to help keep the focus on the top rug! The top rug should generally be the statement rug of the two, either by being more colorful or patterned. The base rug can be textured to add another layer of dimension. The top rug should take up about 2/3 the size of the base rug and can be laid asymmetrically or squared off with the bottom rug.


Speaking of base rugs, rugs pads make the ultimate base to almost any rug! Adding a rug pad will not only provide you with extra cushion under foot, but can also help stop the rug from sliding on your floors! Rug pads can even lengthen the life of your rug by helping shield them from the wear and tear of your floors and provide an extra layer of protection.

Rug price can be determined by several factors, including where the rug is made, what materials the rug is made from, the size of the rug, and if the rug is machine or hand made. Other factors to consider when choosing a rug include rug maintenance and care needed. High-pile rugs are better for low traffic areas, while low-pile rugs are better for high traffic areas due to them being generally easier to clean. Hile-pile rugs might offer more comfort and warmth, but will need to be vacuumed more often. You should also consider which type of material you’d like to choose from. Would you prefer a natural fiber or synthetic rug? Synthetic rugs can be very durable, especially when pretreated to prevent stains, and are usually more affordable. Natural fiber rugs such as wool, can offer durability, comfort, and natural stain resistance, but come with a higher price tag.


Now let’s dive deeper and talk about some of the different materials used to make rugs!

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Natural fiber rugs are often made from mixed materials such as cotton, wool, jute and silk. These options usually come with no extra chemicals, and can provide great durability that is able to withstand being placed in high traffic areas.

Cotton rugs achieve great durability without losing their soft touch. These rugs are generally easy to clean, with some even being machine washable, but can occasionally stain more easily.

Due to their ability to hold dyes particularly well, they are a popular choice for brightly colored rugs!

Wool is long lasting option that comes from a renewable source! Wool rugs can be blended with other materials to help decrease the price and increase durability. When blended with viscose, the standard matte wool finish is given more texture and sheen. With added durability, wool rugs are great options for high traffic areas in your home! Wool rugs are often easy to clean and naturally antimicrobial. Although, these rugs tend to be stain resistant, they also absorb humidity and are susceptible to fading, so should be placed in a dry area of the home and out of direct sunlight.

Viscose rugs, also commonly called rayon rugs, are a semi-synthetic derived from wood pulp. These rugs can possess silk like qualities, making them more delicate and best for low traffic areas. These rugs can stain more easily, and although versatile, they may have a shorter lifetime due to their more fragile nature.

Synthetic rugs are often made from recycled materials, such as water bottles. They are highly durable rugs, making them a great option for any room, and even outside! These rugs are kid and pet friendly due to their easy cleanability.

Rugs can be produced several different ways. The manufacturing technique used to produce the rug will impact the price, quality, and anticipated lifetime of each rug.

Woven rugs, also known as hand loomed rugs, are a very affordable option. These rugs are best for low traffic areas, such as guest rooms or home offices.

Hand tufted rugs are a great medium range option both in terms of price and quality. These rugs are made using a handheld tool to stitch the fabric onto a backing, making them ideal for low-mid traffic areas. These soft and durable rugs are usually made with a second thicker backing attached to help protect the rug, much like a rug pad would.

Hand knotted rugs can be remarkably durable and last a lifetime! Hand knotted rugs are made by hand looping and securing strands of material, offering rich colors and longevity. Due to their incredible craftsmanship, these rugs are high in both quality and price.

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