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For those of us who grew up with reclining chairs, we know how amazingly comfortable they can be, but also how ugly, overstuffed, and old they can look in your home. We remember how fun it was to yank that lever on the side of the chair and watch as our legs were thrown up into an elevated position. Pushing the chair back so it felt like we were living in luxury while watching the tv, almost too comfortable because we would always fall asleep in minutes. Recliners have always been a great source of comfort and relaxation, but while they make you feel good, they haven’t always looked good. Fortunately for many of our fashion-forward friends, recliners have become more stylish than ever! 

There are many reasons to stop by our Monterey furniture store, but one of the reasons our customers keep coming back is because we have some of the most amazing recliners, and many knowledgeable designers who will fit you to the perfect chair! While style is subjective, finding the right recliner is essential for its function. You wouldn’t want to recline in a chair that didn’t support your neck and back, and if you don’t have the strength for a pushback you’ll never end up using your chair. There are many factors to consider when looking for a great recliner, and our great team will walk you through the whole process!

Our Favorite Recliners

While fitting a recliner to one of our customers is a cut and dry process, helping them choose a style of chair is totally different. Before you check out our furniture gallery in person, it would be great to know what options we offer so you have an idea of what you’re looking for. At Mum’s Place, it’s hard to choose a favorite, but we’d like to help make it a little easier.

Catalina Recliner by Flexsteel

One of the more modern recliners to come out of Flexsteel is the Catalina Recliner. This chair has a sleek profile with simple modern stitching that creates a perfectly padded seat and back. This style of stitching keeps the chair simple without sacrificing the comfort because the placement of the high density padded cushions support your low back, neck and knees. Adding to this great frame are beautifully sloped arms and back wings that take this simple recliner to the next level with a bit of character and flair.

Easy to recline with a lever or with power, the Catalina Recliner is a crowd favorite because it will fit anyone’s reclining abilities. Also available in fabric, leather, and kashimra, this frame has thousands of upholstery options to match anyone’s style and current living room design.

Cirrus Comfort Air by American Leather

The Cirrus Comfort Air by American Leather is not quite a recliner, though you can recline in it. The Comfort Air line is a revolutionary seating experience that provides unlimited reclining positions for the user. Moving simply with the adjustments of your body, this chair reclines, rocks and slides to smoothly transition between positions with the natural movements of your body. 

This frame in particular is the epitome of modern comfort. Combining mid century modern lines with innovative technology and traditional padding techniques, the Cirrus Comfort Air is the perfect recliner for anyone who wants the comfort of a reclining chair and the look of designer furniture. Available in all leather and fabric upholstery options in the American Leather book, you can go classic with a shiny black leather, bold with the emerald blue hide, or natural with a straw colored and textured fabric. You can also choose between bronze, brass, and nickel finishes on the classic star base or between nickel and walnut on the simple disc base. 

Sunrise Recliner by Stressless

Similar to the Cirrus Comfort Air, the Sunrise Recliner by Stressless is a modern masterpiece. Styled more in the Norwegian design aesthetic, this recliner has an equally slim profile and slightly similar mechanics. Explained in great detail on their website and from one of our recent blogs, this chair utilizes many of the reclining systems that has made Stressless famous. These systems and mechanisms contribute to the frame’s comfort because they reduce any effort you need to put into reclining and adjusting the chair. Moving easily with the weight of your body or with the push of a button (depending on which direction you want to go) and a separate ottoman provides a comfortable dock to rest your feet. 

The style itself is simple with only a few points of stitching to provide support to your neck and back. A tapered back and subtle swoop adds some flair while maintaining an understated design, and the minimal stitching makes the perfect recliner for anyone who’s looking for a simple recliner rather than an accent piece.

Kenner Reclining Lift Chair by Flexsteel

Going in the opposite direction now with the Kenner Reclining Lift Chair by Flexsteel, this recliner is one of the most comfortable and user-friendly lift recliners out there. Complete with several power features, this lift chair is operated by a hand remote making it simple and easy to use. An adjustable headrest provides support to your neck regardless of how far you recline, also allowing you to raise your head to watch tv or engage with your company while remaining comfortable and supportive.

Sorrento 2 Recliner by Palliser

Sorrento 2 Recliner by Palliser

The Sorrento 2 Recliner by Palliser combines the best elements from both modern and traditional furniture design. The subtle tufting on the back of the chair keeps the cushions tight while the curved arm adds a little extra detail to the otherwise simple recliner. Top stitching detail and sophisticated tailoring completes the classic look without sacrificing comfort. With many leather and upholstery options to choose from, you can take this modern recliner in many different directions with color and design.

Available in two seat widths, the Sorrento 2 will fit any body type and the multiple foam densities provide an ergonomic seating experience. Complete with an adjustable power headrest, this recliner provides total body support, ensuring maximum comfort will go hand-in-hand with style. You can also choose between a wall-hugger, to maximize space in your living room, or a swivel glider to create versatile seating in your home. 

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