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There is nothing more comfortable and stylish than recliners for relaxation. It gives you relief from straining your back or hurting your spine while sitting for long hours. Whether you have a hectic day at work, deadlines to meet, or need a break for some leisure time, a recliner is what you need in such situations.

For those unlucky folks suffering from back pain, lying back in a recliner can be the best way to reduce discomfort. Plus, it comes with additional functions like heat, massage, and vibration pads, making you feel comfortable when sitting down for longer periods of time.

At Mum’s Place, you can find a fabulous range of recliners at affordable rates, serving Pacific Grove, Monterey, Salinas, and Carmel, California. Just imagine, with a new recliner, you will be able to find an ideal place to grab a snack, watch TV, and take a nap – no more excuses for tolerating a recliner-less lifestyle.

Stylish, Comfortable & Built to Last

Much like office chairs, recliners allow users to kick back in comfort and perform tons of activities. Whether you want to binge-watch your favorite show, invest in a solid reading chair for lazy Sundays at home, or relieve your back pain, recliners are your best bet.

Choose from a wide array of recliners at Mum’s Place, available in a variety of styles, colors, and functionality to upgrade your lifestyle. Our recliners come with a contoured seat with a wide chaise, a detachable head pillow, a power lift mechanism, an ergonomic side pocket for storage, and a hand wand controller.

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