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Modern design is not a one size fits all style, and it definitely not defined by the beautiful but impractical aesthetic that a lot of people associate it with. Modern Interior Design can range from transitional style to industrial, and from mid century to contemporary. If you want to create a modern space in your home but you don’t know where to start, follow these simple guidelines and browse some of our recommendations.

Less is More

With a focus on structure rather than ornamentation, modern furniture is emphasized by the beauty of its form. These clean, sleek pieces will not distract you from what matters most- the people that are occupying your space, the company you keep, and the memories you make with your family. These spaces have enough comfortable seating for everyone to enjoy, but it isn’t stuffed. Modern spaces tend to seem larger than they are for this reason, the sleek lines of the furniture and spacing between pieces allow one to flow easily through the space. Following guidelines similar to those looking to furnish small spaces, the “less is more” attitude creates a stress-free environment by reducing mess and structuring the room. 

Form Equals Function

A similar guide as “Less is More,” the beauty of Modern furniture is directly related to its function. A chair is to sit, a coffee table is for coffee cups, an ottoman is for resting your feet. The form of the piece should provide its function. What makes modern furniture beautiful is the craftsmanship. The amazing, often mathematical curves, sleek joinery, proportional lines, and beautiful wood are all the details this style needs. 

Timeless Style

Modern Interior Design is not trendy, it’s timeless. While Mid-Century Modern furniture might root itself in the 50’s and 60’s, these pieces can be placed in almost any setting with the right color palette. The essential sleek modern lines open up endless possibilities to introduce other design elements or even your personal style, keeping it always in the present.

Our Favorite Modern Pieces

Here at Mum’s Place, we carry all design styles that fit every customer’s wants and needs. With ample modern furniture on our showroom floor, we can create a beautiful and comfortable home for you and your family. Read more about our designer’s favorite modern sofas below. 

3163 sofa by Lee Sofa furniture Mums Place Furniture Carmel CA

3163 Sofa by Lee

This sofa by Lee industries is a great option for anyone looking for a modern sofa with a bit of understated flair. Available as a two-seat cushion sofa, chair, or as almost any configuration needed for a sectional, this frame will fit in any room of any home. This elegant frame has beautiful wooden legs, angled into a point, and shallow cushions for a streamlined look. This sofa is a little different from some other modern frames with t-shaped back and seat cushions. The t-shape of the cushions appear to be molded around the arm rests as an homage to traditional design. By keeping with the typical straight line elements of modern design, this sofa combines the elegance of classic furniture design with the minimalist aspects of the modern movement. 

Like most of our frames, this 3163 sofa is available in many different fabrics, allowing you to define your space as you like. Go with a mustard/yellow fabric for a mid-century look, choose a crisp white or gray for the minimal style, or cover it with a patterned fabric to create an accent piece. 

If you are concerned about the sustainability of these sofas, read more about how Lee Industries strictly follows eco-friendly guidelines and provides natural cushions, called naturalLEE, as the standard cushion in all frames. 

Barrett Sectional by Palliser Mums Place Furniture Carmel CA

Barrett Sectional by Palliser

This sectional is a soft take on modernism, a transitional design with traditional tufting details on the arms and seat cushions. What puts this frame on the transitional side of modern is the tufted details, which isn’t quite following the rules of “less is more.” The general form of this frame is modern with it’s track arms, boxy cushions, and low back, but it’s not quite as sleek as the 3163 sofa by Lee. 

This Barrett Sectional is warm, inviting, comfortable, and modern, and available in different leathers and coverings, so it will fit anyone’s personal style. Try the textured brown leather for an industrial or masculine look, or go with the taupe colored leather for a crisp and clean look in your bright modern home. 

Wave Sofa by Stressless Mums Place Furniture Carmel CA

Wave Sofa by Stressless

Mum’s Place is known for carrying many Stressless Recliners, but what you may not know is that we also carry Stressless Sofas. This Wave Sofa is the epitome of Scandinavian Furniture Design, a subset of Modern Design. One of the most streamlined frames we carry, the Wave Sofa is both inspired by the natural comforts of the ocean, and an example of innovative technology. 

This piece has one of the smallest profiles, tricking you into thinking it was just a sofa and not a recliner. And what differentiates this reclining sofa from others is that each individual seat within the sofa reclines, providing comfort to every lounger. With the same technology that is fitted in each Stressless Reclining Chair, these reclining sofas move with your body to provide ultimate comfort to each sitter. The two seams on the back cushions provides comfort and support to your lower back and neck which also acts as a functional detail to the design. 

As always, all Stressless products are available with every leather cover ranging from soft colors, to pebbled textures, to beautiful pattina. Rich colors and neutral hues give endless possibilities to the design of your space, allowing you to use the Stressless Wave Sofa as an accent piece or or an anchor. 

How do you Choose the Right Modern Sofa for your Home?

If you like all three of our favorite frames, and you don’t know which one would work best in your home, contact us to speak with one of our talented designers about a free in-home consultation. Browse our other amazing sofa options or look through our living room furniture that might pair well with your modern sofa. 

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