Stressless Recliner at Mums Furniture in Carmel CA

Scandinavian design was a popular furniture style in the 1950s, characterized by minimalism, simplicity, and functionality but although the style came about in the early 20th century, it remains popular to this day. Today, Stressless is one of the leading manufacturers for Scandinavian furniture design, and we can see why.

Scandinavian Furniture Design

The great furniture manufacturer, Stressless, was born in the same fjord as the Scandinavian design movement, in a little town called Sykkylven. Before it became the epicenter of Norway’s furniture manufacturing industry, Sykklven was a small farm town with breathtaking views and simple, natural living. It was a common practice in Norway to leave family farms to the eldest brother, so in the early 20th century, the second sons began to experiment with manufacturing, becoming accomplished designers and engineers. Stressless’ founder, Jens Ekornes, was one of these second sons.

With a passion for comfort, Jens Ekornes redefined relaxation. Creating the Stressless chairs we know and love, he found the perfect balance of design and functionality that is perfectly engineered for the human body. Over the years, with more technology and better materials available, Stressless continues to revolutionize comfort.

Stressless Reno Mayfair Recliner at Mums Furniture in Carmel CA

Stressless Recliners

In the 1970’s, Stressless launched its first line of recliners, which quickly became their best-selling line! Each model is simply designed, but unique in their style, allowing each customer to find the perfect look for their home. Each chair is also offered in small, medium, and large sizes to match the body type of the person using the chair, and some are available with adjustable headrests. The models are also available with three different bases including, Classic, Signature, and LegComfort, allowing you to upgrade the chair if you so choose.

Stressless Sofa at Mums Furniture in Carmel CA

Stressless Sofas

What makes these sofas different from your typical reclining sofas is that every seat on the sofa, including the middle seat reclines with the ErgoAdapt™ system. This allows everyone on the sofa to recline to their liking, making it one of the most comfortable reclining sofas out there! Find the sofa that fits your style, comfort level, and living room by choosing a model, height of the back, or configure it into a sectional.

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Stressless Recliner at Mums Furniture in Carmel CA

Revolutionary Technology

Stressless products contain an ErgoAdapt™ -system which is a tilting mechanism that will adjust to your body as you sit in the chair, providing the perfect lounging position based on the movement of your body.

The Plus™-system is another automatic adjustment, in which the headrest moves as you recline, supporting your neck and head in all positions. Whether you are sitting up during a conversation, leaning slightly back to read a book, or lying almost flat for a nap, you will be comfortable and supported!

One of our favorite options for the chairs is the LegComfort™. Touch sensitive buttons on the side of your chair reveal a hidden footrest, tucked beneath your chair. Available as a wall plug in or with a rechargeable battery, the LegComfort™ allows you to place the chair anywhere in your home, and it won’t take up extra space, making it one of the smallest pieces of living room furniture you can own! If space is a concern in your home, check out our Small Spaces blog for tips and tricks!

The Stressless® Glide System will adjust according to your body weight, making reclining natural and comfortable. Oh and it’s also endorsed by the National Chiropractic Association… are you convinced that Stressless makes the most comfortable reclining furniture yet?

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