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It is likely that you have already heard of Flexsteel. They are one of the largest upholstered furniture manufacturers in the United States, creating items for every space and for many industries including hotels, office spaces, and RVs. You already know that Flexsteel offers hundreds of frames to match any style, with thousands of fabric options to fit in with the decor that is already in your home. What you may not know is why Flexsteel has been a leader in furniture manufacturing for almost 100 years, supplying furniture across the United states from New York City to Monterey furniture stores like ours. 

Here at Mum’s Place, we want our customers to know that style and quality can go hand-in-hand when redesigning their home. What makes Flexsteel special is that it offers style and quality at affordable prices. Before we talk about our favorite frames, we’re going to talk about what’s under the hood.

Blue Ribbon Spring at Mums Furniture in Pacific Grove

Blue Steel Springs

In 1910, Swiss engineer E.W. Schlappritzi invented the Blue Steel Spring which revolutionized furniture manufacturing. This better performing spring proved to be superior to other forms when it was first introduced as a commercial application on the seats of the European Railway trains. When E.W. Schlappritzi immigrated to the United States and began the Sanitas Spring Corporation, he began manufacturing springs for beds, sofas and chairs. In 1925, he met Cliff Curtis and Herb Bertsch of the Grau-Curtis Company and merged their businesses together, renaming the company Flexsteel Industries. Flexsteel created 3 different Blue Steel Springs all constructed to provide different levels of support while offering the same amazing quality.

The C-Flex spring is created with evenly spaced, dual steel ribbons that run the length of the frame from front to back of the seating area. Ending in a c-shape, the ribbons arch providing extra support. But the Blue Ribbon system is the defining property of the Flexsteel company. Similar to C-Flex, the blue ribbons run front to back with a c-shaped arch at the back. What makes this one different is that it has an extra ribbon that bands the system together providing even more support. Finally, the Dual-Flex system is a totally different shape and form. Wider steel ribbons are attached to flexible springs creating a stable seat without hindering the range of motion that results in extra comfort. Ultimately, the strength and durability of the Blue Spring Steel creates a perfect balance of support and softness. Unlike the traditional eight-way ties, the Blue Spring Steel never needs to be adjusted or tweaked. 

Long Lasting Furniture

While the Blue Steel Springs supply comfort and cushion durability, the addition of the high-density hardwood frame, Flexsteel furniture is essentially indestructible. The wood that Flexsteel uses is sourced from trustworthy and reliable partners that fulfill their standards for performance and the environment that created it. Read more about environmentally friendly furniture here. Finally, Flexsteel fabric is designed to last through the ups and downs of everyday life. By offering a wide range of performance fabrics that are differentiated based on the kinds of durability you’re asking for, like Kashmira, Sunbrella, and Revolution. Whether you are looking for stain resistance, fade resistance, pill resistance, or easy cleaning, Flexsteel has a fabric for you. 

All Time Favorite Frames

When customers enter our Monterey furniture store looking for living room furniture, we take them directly to our Flexsteel showroom. Below we have listed our top favorite frames and collections that can go with any style from traditional to contemporary, and that can be transformed from casual to formal with a simple fabric change. 

Bryant Section at Mums Furniture in Pacific Grove CA


This sofa is our go-to because you can essentially build it from the ground up. Offered in a sectional, you can pick and choose the elements of your sofa that fits all your seating needs. Available with one, two, and three seat sections, right or left hand chaises, wedge and corner pieces, you can build the modern sectional that fits your space perfectly. The Bryant frame has slightly wider than normal track arms with simple box cushions and a low back. This sofa is great because it has modern lines that gives structure to your space without being the loud focal point that contemporary sofas tend to embody. If you want to bring the contemporary vibes to your space, cover it in a crisp single tone fabric to make a statement. Or, try dressing it up with beautiful patterned fabric that brings a little more formality to your space. Go for a more coastal style with a textured and natural colored nubby fabric that makes you feel like you’re relaxing at the beach. You can even fill a more masculine space with a brown or black leather sofa that anchors itself in your living room.  

Digby Sofa at Mums Furniture in Pacific Grove CA


Available in almost every kind of seat imaginable, including chair, chair and a half, apartment sofa, three seat sofa, and build your own sectional, the Digby frame will add a slight mid-century vibe to any room in your home. This frame has a higher back than the Bryant, providing a little extra support when you lounge, while giving it a more formal look. The tight back cushions showcase the beautiful curves of the frame and emphasize the mid-century modern aesthetic without dating the piece. Typically, we recommend a kashmira fabric covering because of its rich color and suede-like texture, but also because it is one of our most durable coverings that will outlast any kid or pet. Kashmira fabric repels liquids and is amazingly cleanable making even pen and ink marks rub away almost instantly with a clorox wipe. 

catalina Sofa at Mums Furniture in Pacific Grove CA


The Catalina Reclining Sofa is our number one pick for anyone who is looking to relax and recline after a hard day of work. This frame is particularly sleek for a recliner while still offering all of the functions that you could ever want for relaxation. Available with or without an adjustable headrest, with or without lumbar support, with or without a center console, and with or without power, everyone can find a Catalina Recliner that optimizes comfort for any body and within any space. Also offered as a chair or as a build-your-own sofa/sectional. The cushions are fluffed and seamed in specific places to provide ample support for your back and neck, and the leg rests can adjust to different heights to perfectly support the back of your knees and feet as you like. 

chamberlain Sofa at Mums Furniture in Pacific Grove CA


We recommend the Chamberlain chair to anyone who needs a little extra seating. The swivel chair feature encourages conversation allowing your company to turn to face anyone within the room. Other than its functionality, the simple box frame is sturdy, with a subtle t-shaped back cushion that adds some elegance to the piece. The clean lines and subtle curves make this piece neutral for both masculine or feminine spaces, and modern or transitional interior design. Adding the nail-head trim to the arms of the chair turns this piece into a little bit of statement. These nailheads are available in different finishes allowing you to add some beautiful and bright pearl-colored details, or to establish a more industrial or rustic furniture look with darker nickel colored material. Like pretty much every Flexsteel piece, the Chamberlain Swivel Chair is available in every fabric option and looks fantastic in a light colored, textured fabric that gives it a little depth without taking away from the nailheads. 

flexsteel Sofa at Mums Furniture in Pacific Grove CA


The Plymouth Collection great selection of shabby chic occasional tables for anyone who wants a bit of vintage flair in their space. The whitewash finish helps you focus on the beautifully carved detail on the legs, while the contrasting dark top adds some color and depth to the collection, helping to anchor the pieces in the room. 

If you’re curious about learning more about all the hundreds of the Flexsteel options available at our Monterey furniture store, give us a call or stop by to speak with one of our talented designers

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