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New Year, New Look!

The end of the year is an exciting time for interior design because Interior Designers and Craftsmen come together to determine what the new trends will be for the upcoming year. With 2019 quickly approaching, we want to give you a sneak peak of the new looks you will be seeing in the New Year!

Recycled/Refurbished furniture

Environmental awareness is ramping up, and lucky for us, designers are making recycled furniture more available. It’s easy to browse catalogs of expertly designed pieces that are made out of reclaimed wood, recycled metals and plastics, or even fabrics! Before you take on the DIY challenge with that vintage farmhouse door you found at the flea market last year, check out some of the manufacturers we carry that can give you the rustic feel you’re looking for, and the satisfaction of knowing you’re doing something good for the environment!

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Related to this environmental buzz, tiny homes are also all the rage, meaning a lot of new home owners have very little space to work with. This problem can be easily solved with multi-purpose furniture. A beautiful and comfortable sofa bed is important whether it is for you to sleep in regularly, or for a guest to use occasionally. American Leather offers many sofa sleepers that are stylish and can come with an array of mattresses (including tempur-pedic!). Furniture that doubles as storage space will also come in handy. An ottoman or bench for the end of your bed that lifts to reveal blankets, throw pillows, and linens comes in handy if you don’t have a linen closet to rummage through. A lot of platform base beds can also be offered with drawers to store extra clothes, shoes, or games.


Fringe is in! Fringe never really seemed to have a concrete “place” in interior design history, but it seems it may find a home in 2019. Fringed accessories add an impractical but cute pop to understated modern furniture, and it can create a more casual, comfortable vibe to your space. If you’re afraid to hop on the bandwagon, start with fringed throw pillows, blankets, or simply a fringed throw rug for your living room to give it a little character.


2019 seems to be edging towards a year of maximalism. Everyone is investing in plush, decorated, slightly over-the-top design. Velvet furniture is finding its way into statement chairs and sofas, providing a soft and supple accent to your space. No matter what color your velvet piece is, it always appears deeply saturated with color, giving it a richness that seems to be the height of luxury. It works with all styles, going well with traditional furniture, and giving modern furniture a kick.

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