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Feel the Sense of Peace and Calm

As time passes, our homes can feel oppressive with clutter, which can disrupt any sense of peace and calm. It is especially hard trying to find furniture in Monterey that will fit your small, coastal home without overcrowding it, yet, it’s easy to declutter a house and change how it feels if you know how. Below are a few steps to get you started.

Prep and More Prep

You need solid footing before taking on a major project like decluttering; after all, without the right preparation, one can lose momentum and become overwhelmed. So, take a moment to write checklists for both decluttering and cleaning that includes easily overlooked areas, like the attic, basement, and garage. Once that’s done, you can empty and clean individual rooms to stay focused on small tasks. This can let you comfortably go through your belongings and remove anything that doesn’t make the cut. With that done, you can sort through them and place everything back in their rooms. These six steps can make decluttering an uplifting experience that positively influences your home environment while exhibiting your beautiful interior space.

Coastal Furniture is Supposed to Feel Like a Vacation

What do you do when you go to the beach? Do you lay out in the sun? Do you lounge under an umbrella sipping iced tea? Do you walk along the water collecting sea glass and shells? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you know what coastal style is all about. So when it comes to choosing furniture, go ahead and add the chaise to your sectional so you can lounge after a hard day at the office. Or go (a little) bold and boho with a hanging wicker chair that will be both picturesque and perfectly comfortable to get back into reading that book. As mentioned before, slip covered sofas and chairs are practical pieces that embody a casual lifestyle and encourage you to relax because they are so easy to clean. Doesn’t that sound so stress-free? And don’t worry about using coasters on wood furniture because coastal pieces aren’t glossy. They are instead whitewashed and weathered, so they likely won’t be marked by the condensation on your glass of iced tea, or it if it does, it will just add to the character of this laid-back look.

Choose Versatile Options

Even in a decluttered house, you may find that there isn’t enough space to hold what you have and still stay organized. With that in mind, look to multi-functional furniture like an American Leather sleeper sofa, or something that doubles up as storage to expand your capacity. Even if you need to get rid of single-use pieces, that doesn’t choosing unattractive replacements. In fact, you could add a stylish mirror with a concealable compartment or a comfy bed with integrated drawers. Your options are not limited, and that may allow you to keep to a preferred style or create an entirely new look of your choosing.

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Use Empty Space

Your furniture can transform your storage situation, but using wall space can help you, too. We may already put bureaus and bookshelves against them, but even hooks and racks can offer stylish solutions. These could be used to organize and display knick-knacks or make utensils more accessible. Similarly, your attic may have space just waiting to be used. So, if it isn’t already, consider converting it into a storage area full of containers and shelving. Being creative with your storage can be the perfect way to de-clutter and tidy.

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Take It Easy

A freshly organized home can reveal frayed carpeting or grime in formerly hidden corners. This can feel intimidating, especially when we don’t have enough time or have only finished de-cluttering. However, you must remind yourself that this is a marathon, not a sprint, and that little steps can often go a long way. Use this mentality to set realistic goals, with a focus on manageable chores to be done one task at a time. Of course, cleaning can still be draining, so offer rewards to acknowledge any work you put in.

Adopt Household Systems

After you’ve cleaned your house, you may need to make some adjustments to avoid future messiness. That might mean introducing daily habits for all to follow, as their impact can build up over time. If you’re unsure where to start, ask yourself what you aren’t doing right now. For instance, empty the sink if it is sometimes left full, or clear surfaces if they are often cluttered with toys or magazines. Likewise, introduce house rulesthat everyone — even guests — are encouraged to follow. They don’t have to be strict, either, as they could be as simple as putting dirty clothes into a washing basket or pushing your chairs in around your dining room table. By setting rules, you can nurture togetherness and start working as a team to keep a tidy home.

All it may take to give your house a fresh outlook is getting rid of anything that doesn’t serve you or your family. So, take the necessary steps to achieve that by preparing well in advance, giving your household a routine to stay tidy, and use whatever storage you can. Your family can gain so much from an environment that is neat and clean.

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