Furniture Trends for 2021

It’s safe to say that we have all been anxiously waiting for 2020 to be over and for 2021 to begin. After all, a new year brings new perspectives, goals, and creativity to every industry. While 2021 might have a bigger buildup than past years, we can be certain that it will likely bring an array of new styles and interior design ideas that will help make our spaces a little more comfortable, durable, and stylish. After all, Mum’s furniture store is Carmel and Salinas’ favorite furniture store.

At Mum’s Place furniture, serving Salinas and Carmel, we are always on the lookout for the next best thing, and we’re really excited to share our predictions for the new furniture trends (link to older trends blog) in 2021.The new year will bring many new interior design ideas to the table, and we’re not just talking about little accent pieces or coffee table books. Our interior designers have curated some of the best upcoming trends for the new year ranging from newly appointed styles like “Grandmillenial” to trending colors that will be seen in many materials, and in any room in your home.

Style Trends for 2021

Like most trends we will be looking at this year, the upcoming style trends are centered on the concept of evoking comfort through materials, colors, and resurgence of older styles. The simplest element, material, provides physical comfort in the plushness of the cushion, the organic shapes in the furniture, and the casualness of the form. Color is a bit more cerebral. Warmer shades imply comfort without being literal, as a way to calm your mind and body in the ambiance of the setting. Finally, this resurgence of styles that have seen popularity in the past brings feelings of nostalgia for times to be as simple as they once were, and to have the comforts or living with caring family members, being on a beach vacation, or just spending your days in an apartment that requires little upkeep. While most years trends usually point in one direction with one style and color, 2021 is just encouraging you to tone-down and simplify your personal style to a more casual version. Come visit Mum’s furniture store in Carmel to see how our interior designers can help you style your home!


A strange concept for a new trend, but with a curiously clever name, the Grandmillenial or Granny Chic style has been somewhat adopted by generations in the past, but takes on a new power with one of the youngest generations so openly adopting the nostalgic style. Grandmillenial style is all about nostalgic living rooms and seating areas bringing the comforts of overstuffed chairs, rich wood finishes, and quirky florals. This whimsical take on a traditional style is easy to produce with elements from Mum’s Place furniture store in Salinas. We have several retailers who offer build-your-own upholstered goods, allowing you to find the perfect combination of cushion texture, fabric pattern, and form.

Try The Fresco Sofa by Flexsteel

The Fresco Sofa by Flexsteel is the perfect traditional sofa that is available in countless fabrics, wood finishes, and nail trim. The curved back rest elevates the elegance of the sofa, and the reflecting curved arm rest provides a comfortable and sophisticated place to rest after a long day. You could either leave the sofa fabric simple, and dress up your Grandmillenial space with a quirky floral wallpaper and patterned pillows, or choose one of the many Granny-chic fabrics available in the Flexsteel Line.


The industrial style has been popular for a while, and it is clear it is not going away any time soon. We love this style right now because it’s not fussy, and supports a chill, laid back environment for anyone looking for a space that doesn’t need much upkeep. Dark metals and reclaimed wood (sustainability blog) give off the feeling that you don’t need to be cautious about these materials, because they are durable and age beautifully. But of course there are different levels of sophistication that industrial design can bring to a space, and we offer furniture from various manufacturers that can provide the perfect pieces to your dining room, bedroom, or living areas. The showroom in Mum’s Place furniture store has furniture for Salinas and Carmel, California.

Charleston Forge

Where do we even begin with Charleston Forge? This manufacturer offers some of the most refined industrial styles available, mixing materials that can lighten or give more weight to industrial spaces.

Charleston Forge Nash Rectangular Drink Table

Pieces like the Beaufort Console offers a little break from the typical solid forms of industrial case goods, with a minimal reference to organic shape in the curves of the metal pieces.

Charleston Forge Nash Rectangular Drink Table

On the other end of the spectrum, the Amalie Ottoman gets as close to high design as we’ve seen industrial materials go. The height of the cushion, paired with minimal metal supports makes the piece dramatic and romantic, and could either serve as a seat in front of a bedroom vanity or an accent in your sitting room.


Canadel offers one of the best lines for Industrial furniture called ‘East Side’ – a collection that combines the loft aesthetic with industrial style. A blend of organic wood with glass and metal is durable yet sleek, and as always, is offered in a number of customizable options. Visit to browse all the ways you can customize your new dining room, chairs, or buffet.


Another big push for 2021 is the switch from brass and gold accents to natural materials. We feel like 2021 will be more eco-conscious (sustainability blog) and will be trending towards natural materials as they bring a softness and casualness to your space. Whether the materials lives on in your outdoor furniture, or if it finds its place in your dining room and kitchen bar stools, you know you can’t go wrong with a reclaimed wood dining table (dining room tables below $1000) or rattan chairs.


Dovetail has some of the most incredible natural pieces for anyone looking for a bohemian or coastal furniture look. They are our favorites when it comes to rattan dining chairs, the design of which are fluid and can fit into almost any styled space ranging from bohemian to sophisticated, and coastal to mid century modern.

A great modern interpretation of a classic rattan chair, the Pablo Dining Chair by Dovetail offers a unique seating option for your dining room. This chair is versatile, it can complement bohemian, coastal, and contemporary styles, or provide a great contrast to any of these.

Trending Colors for 2021

Both light and dark shades of green are in for 2021. It started to gain traction in 2020 in dusty, deep hues in monochromatic rooms, but greens of all hues and shades will bring natural, organic elements to your home without adding the responsibility of houseplants.

You’ll find this hue in many elements, including living room furniture like sofas, accent chairs, and jewel-toned accent tables. You’ll also see it monochromatic bedrooms with deep forest green wall colors and textured velvet headboards, and even in kitchen cabinetry.

Our retailers offer countless furniture options that will fulfill the latest and greatest furniture trends of the year. Fortunately for you, many of our retailers also provide customizable options so if you find the perfect buffet for your dining room, cabinet for your entry way, or sofa for your living room, you know you will match it with the perfect hue of green fabric or finish.

American Leather

American Leather Living Room Furniture Aston_Open_MontBlanc_Evergreen.min

American Leather Upholstery: Mont Blanc

American Leather, our favorite retailer for sleeper sofas, offers an incredible range of upholstery options. One of the most unique offerings, is their line of rich, dyed leathers. The Mont Blanc Series is made for aging, as the depth and brightness of color lasts for a surprisingly long time while developing an incredible authentic patina. Mont Blanc Marina is a rich teal leather that could work to blend into a monochromatic moody palate, or could act as an accent color in an otherwise neutral room. This is one of our best selling furniture in Carmel and Salinas.


Try The Primavera Sofa by Moes Furniture

An incredibly posh sofa, the Primavera Sofa by Moe’s is a luxurious velvet sofa with a unique contemporary form that takes inspiration from Art Deco styles of the 1920s. The stitching elevates the sophistication of the velvet material, while offering a fun and playful energy. Available in both green and pink, this sofa is perfect for those who want to keep up with the trending green or millennial pink that broke ground last year, but aren’t yet ready to settle for a casual lifestyle.


If you know you want to update your home with the latest 2021 furniture trends, but don’t know where to start, stop by our Carmel and Salinas furniture showroom to browse some of our newest arrivals and popular brands and feel free to speak with one of our talented designers for guidance on home furniture design in Carmel, California.

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