Have you finally given in to the idea of purchasing a reclining chair for your living room? Before you go out and buy one, check out these tips to finding the perfect recliner for you.

Comfortable Seated Position

People often make the mistake of getting a chair that is only comfortable in the reclining position without testing its comfort in the seated position. While your goal is ultimately to lay back and relax, many people will end up using their recliners in the seated position around company or when another gathering requires a little more formality. The way to find the most comfortable seated position is to make sure your feet touch the ground and the head rest is at a level that provides both neck and lumbar support. Different sized people will need different sized recliners for maximum relaxation. One of the most comfortable recliners we have is the Leslie Recliner by Comfort Design!

Test Drive It

Make sure you actually sit in the recliner for a period of time, pushing the buttons, pulling the lever, or pushing the seat back to see how it moves and how much support it gives you. The headrest shouldn’t be positioned in a way that pushes your head forward and it should have lumbar support in both the seated and reclined position. Many recliners these days have adjustable head rests and lumbar support so they can provide customizable comfort. This Patton Recliner by Flexsteel has both!

Style vs Size

To reiterate, size matters. Don’t purchase a recliner based solely on how nicely it will look in your living room because it might not end up being all that comfortable. This doesn’t mean you need to purchase the plush, overstuffed monstrosities, but consider how the chair fits you before making your purchase. We carry many manufacturers that will custom design a chair so it will work with both your style and measurements. Take a look at this sleek American Leather Eva Recliner that is stylish and can be adjusted for your needs!

Power vs Push

Young people might not have a preference, but the older generations often overlook the difficulty of using a push recliner. Technology has allowed for some smooth and relatively easy maneuverability but power recliners are usually a safe bet. You’ll never have to worry about your strength becoming a limiting factor when using your chair so take a look at this Catalina Recliner by Flexsteel that is super easy to operate!

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