Bedroom Decorating Trends for 2019

Cozy Bedroom Decorating Trends for 2019

Hygge is a Danish concept of creating or finding joy and coziness in everyday life so Hygge design is creating that warm fuzzy feeling in every room. To be honest, the Hygge trend as a whole is on it’s way out, but it is a staple that we never never want to leave the bedroom. In this blog we are going to explore all the ways we can incorporate this coziness and comfort into your bedroom.

What to Look For

Choosing the right furniture that is both right for you and right for your space can be difficult. Sometimes you want furniture that is too big for your space, or you don’t have enough closet space, meaning you need to purchase a bed with storage or an extra dresser. In general, modern furniture can be a nice solution because it tends to be more streamlined and can fit in smaller spaces. Even if the room is too small, modern bedroom furniture can keep it from feeling cluttered and full of stuff.

The great thing about modern furniture is that it can have a lot of character and can totally change the vibe of the room based on the kind of material you choose. Wooden furniture will feel lighter and more natural where a metal or painted bed frame will be more industrial. You can also use throw blankets and pillows to bring that Hygge into the space.

Look to Nature and Natural Materials

Wooden furniture brings an element of relaxation to your bedroom because of the neutral tones and imperfections in the grain. Bed frames that preserve the shape of the tree it was milled from are popular in 2019 because of the simple and beautiful homage to nature.

Adding other natural elements to your bedroom like a wicker reading chair, a stone washed cotton duvet cover, linen curtains and some throw pillows with wooden beaded details will create a bedroom that is designed for comfort and relaxation.

Try Your Hand at the Handcrafted

You want bedroom furniture that is unique as you, so go hunting for some custom furniture that embodies your personality! Hand crafted furniture sounds daunting because it’s usually comes at a price, but there’s no need to furnish your entire bedroom with custom, handmade pieces right away. Test the waters with some handmade frames, vases, or throw pillows. Something simple like a reading chair, desk, or bench for the foot of your bed can add a nice unique touch without breaking the bank.

Many of the manufacturers we work with allow you to custom design your pieces, basically guaranteeing one-of-a-kind bedroom furniture!

Embrace the Imperfect

2019 is all about embracing the imperfect, and this concept can work with almost any style! The Japanese-inspired design concept basically explains that happiness can be found in accepting the unfinished and imperfect world. Imperfections like knots in the wood of your bed frame, an antiqued painted nightstand, or a weathered wicker chair will beautifully contrast a plush down comforter and all natural cotton throw pillows. It will make your bedroom feel more like home, a home that you don’t have to stress over, which sounds like a great way to start the New Year!


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